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Shane S.


I was terrified of driving ever since I got my permit 5 years ago, and something told me to push myself to just get over it. I called A Woman's Way Driving School, greeted by one of the friendliest representatives I've ever talked to (Lynn). I signed up for several driving lessons over 4 months, the 6-hour course, and the pre-licensing coarse with Myra. Not only is it just always a good idea to support a small business operated by two women, but the lessons become more personal and adapt to your specific needs and diffusing your fears/anxieties needed to become a good driver. All of the advice was specific to me as an individual, not me as just another person who wants to get their license. Myra is super friendly and really knows her stuff and use greats strategies as an educator. THANK YOU so much!!!! I will miss you! I will definitely see you on the road again, just like the other day! :)

Shane S.
Valley Stream, NY

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