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Doreen M.


A Woman's Way Driving School I am so very happy I decided to take lessons from A Woman's Way. I realized that I chose correctly during my first contact with Lynn Fuchs, the owner. Lynn was very friendly, helpful and genuinely interested in my needs. Lynn assigned Myra as my instructor. It seemed Myra knew immediately that I was a nervous wreck and managed to calm me down. She explained everything you need to know to drive safely, and had me doing more in the first lesson than I had thought I could handle! I took six, one and one-half hour lessons and now I am comfortable to drive on my own. My goal was to be able to drive my husband home after a procedure in the hospital in his huge 'tank' of a car, which I did with such ease and confidence. Myra continued to comfort me, encourage and reassure me that I was driving well. Myra truly is a wonderful instructor. She has so much patience and her method of teaching has you driving immediately. You will be very happy that you chose A Woman's Way Driving School - I promise!

Doreen M.
Rockville Centre, NY

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