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From Emily H.

Dear Lynn and Myra,

This morning, I took my road test at the Garden City Park test site. And to be truthful, I wasn't expecting to pass the exam at all. As you know, I had taken it once already in Laurelton and through discussions, the both of you knew how the test was unexpected and that I myself didn't feel ready.

To be honest, after I failed the first time two years ago, I thought I would never be able to pass it. I'm sure you've heard that statement before, but I truly felt that getting a driver's license was a game I could never successfully play. I believed that getting one's license was something possible for everyone else but me, because everyone else was lucky and I have never, ever in my lifetime get a license that it was against all odds, impossible and was truly ok with it. I went for it this time anyway; thinking it was a "rumble for the inevitable"; something I couldn't control the outcome of, that I'd just be my parent's biggest disappointment and thought eventually, I'll just have to take the bus or train to school, student teaching, around town and wherever I go in the future.

So the fact that I still can't say that I passed my road test today is such a surprise beyond words to describe. I can't stop pinching myself, I just cannot believe that I passed. For me, this is mind-blowing and I just cannot thank the both of you enough. The both of you throughout the first time you met me in 2006 at the end of my senior year in high school have taught me so much. You've taught me so much more than how to drive, you've given me an opportunity to do something I never thought I could successfully do. You've helped out every problem faced on and off the road through Lessons, classes and even through our conversations. You both refuse to give up on those like me, that give up or think they really, really, really, can't do it.

I promise to stay myself and be the caring, alert driver and person; and not change to be those drivers my age and younger/older that we question how they got their license in the first place (and those that tail-gate me doing the speed limit, even school zones! :-) ) I know too many people that once they passed their licenses change for the worst.

Thank you both very much for every bit of help and support over the years. There aren't words to describe how grateful I truly am and how blessed that I found A Woman's Way.


Emily H.

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