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From Christine S.

To whom it may concern:

On Monday, August 4th 1986, I started my first private driving lesson with Lynn Fuchs. Lynn Fuchs owns and operates A WOMAN'S WAY Driving School. Lynn has been providing lessons for me twice a week for three months. With each lesson I felt more confident as a driver and was aware of the improvement I was making with Lynn's guidance. On November 6th of 1986, I tool my first road test and passed it with no difficulties.

Lynn Fuchs' driving school was recommended to me by my sister Diane. Diane attended classes with Lynn in 1984 and passed her first road test on February 14th 1984. Diana has been driving for almost three years confidently because of Lynn's instruction. I also share that confidence because I know that I will be a responsible driver due to the guidance Lynn Fuchs provided for me.

Christine S.

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