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RESPONSIBLE Driving Begins with YOU...

  • Rested, ready, and reliable
  • Engages on communicating with other drivers
  • Smooth and steady in traffic
  • Predicts actions of others
  • Obeys all traffic laws
  • Not impaired by alcohol or other drugs
  • Sure to drive defensively
  • Insured at least State's minimum
  • Better to be prepared than surprised
  • Looks to help others
  • Enthusiastic about safety

Lynn Fuchs of Valley Stream and Glens Falls has always credited herself with having a driving passion-literally. For over 35 years, she has been the founder and president of A Woman's Way® Driving School, teaching others the "Fuchs' Formula" of defensive driving. Her copyrighted methods teach drivers to become "wheel watchers" and along with her 6 point check have been incorporated into the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Driver's Manual.

At A Woman's Way® Driving School, in addition to teaching the rules of the road, Ms. Fuchs specializes in treating driving phobias. She works personally on a one-to-one basis with both men and women, to successfully dissipate their anxiety and worries in  relation to driving.

As part of her "education is power" philosophy, Ms. Fuchs also offers workshops on how a car "works" and what to ask and look for before bringing a car in to the repair shop.

About Ms. Fuchs

Ms. Fuchs, a Traffic Safety and Driving Education Specialist, was appointed the first woman president of The Driving School Association of New York State which oversees 650 driving schools statewide. As president, she helped senators concerning the legislative process and worked one-on-one teaching driving school owners and teachers. While serving on the Department of Motor Vehicle's Advisory Board for many years, Ms. Fuchs helped rewrite new curriculum for the NY State Department of Motor Vehicle's Driving School Instructor 30 Hour Preparation Course. As early as 1988, Ms. Fuchs was named Business Woman of the Year by the American Business Women's Association. Last year, she was selected by the American Woman's Economic Development Corp. (AWED) as guest speaker in their two day convention in New York, attended by over 5,000 women. In addition, Ms. Fuchs worked with the Small Business Administration WNET (Women's Network for Entrepreneurial Training) as a mentor to other women starting out or expanding their businesses.

In 1997, Lynn was selected to serve for 3 years on a special statewide committee authorized by Governor Pataki. Here alongside doctors from Long Island Jewish Hospital and the New York State Office for the Aging, a comprehensive and informative handbook for older drivers, their friends, and their families was published. To help serve this population, Lynn has formulated the Elder Driver Evaluation Program (E.D.E.P.). In addition, Ms. Fuchs works with the cognitive and physical limitations of all drivers. As well, she also served on the team at the Rusk Institute at the NYU Medical Center in New York City as their Driver Rehabilitation Specialist.

Congratulations to Lynn Fuchs who is the professional expert in Patty Chang Ankers newly published book "Some Nerve, Lessons learned while becoming brave!" It made Oprahs Fall Reading Recommend List for 2013!

Congratulations to Lynn Fuchs & Myra Halpern who are the professional experts in Real Simple Magazine’s article “How I Finally Conquered My Fear of Driving” Marjoie Ingalls’s story in facing a phobia, one writer gets a refresher course in the Twist and Turns of Life, with her teacher Myra Halpern – The Wonderfully Inspirational article appeared on newsstands in April 2016 Issue

With her love of people and her mission to help all who lack the confidence to achieve, her certification in counseling from St. Joseph's College, makes her a very special role model to help guide and inspire her students and to help show them the way!

"My goal is to reach out and help others"
Lynn Fuchs

Long Beach

Teacher: My way gets you on the highway
By Melissa Galin
August 17-23, 1995

Lynn Fuchs just keeps on rolling along. Among her recent accomplishments, Ms. Fuchs's commitment to helping others was recognized with her recent selection by the Small Business Administration as a top American Woman Business advocate.

Ms. Fuchs, a Long Beach resident who grew up in Valley Stream, began efforts to help others after an auto accident in 1976. "I thought there had to be a way to avoid that accident," she says. She developed the "Fuchs's Formula" for driving and in 1981, after training as a driving teacher, Ms. Fuchs opened "A Woman's Way® Driving School" in Valley Stream.

"I have always wanted to help people help themselves," she says. As the name implies, Ms. Fuchs is committed to teaching students her way - with confidence and ease. Although she teaches people between the ages of 16 to 85, most of her students are older adults who have put off learning to drive. Through personalized training, once timid drivers become comfortable behind the wheel and learn to enjoy driving.

"My students come in like a bud and leave like a flower," she says. What I am doing is gratifying. It changes people's lives. The ability to drive gives women the freedom to pick jobs they enjoy. The sense of control that comes from being able to go anywhere and insure a safe return, improves people's outlooks."

She relies on a college background in psychology in her work. Through counseling, she is able to help students deal with other problems that are indirectly affecting their driving. "I fix what has to be fixed," she says. "I wanted to be a psychiatrist and I love to drive. I think I have combined the two." She also teaches in Spanish and uses symbols to make her school accessible to minorities. 

Her commitment to helping others goes beyond her work at her driving school. As a mentor in the Small Business Administration WNET Program, she volunteered her time to help a woman who owns a small chocolate business. "It is a wonderful program. I continued to do it on my own after the program because I wanted to help." Two years later, the woman's business has branched out.

Her selection as Woman in Business Advocate is just one of many honors she has received through her work. She was selected as Woman of the Year by Sunrise East Chapter of the Small Business Administration and was asked to sit on the Advisory Board of the Department of Motor Vehicles. She was guest speaker at the 14th Annual National Conference for Women and became the first female president of The Driving School Association of New York State.

Her newest venture is "Teacher In My Pocket." The series, which includes the Department of Motor Vehicles handbook, along with music, traffic sounds, and sample tests with answers, offers a new study method for people preparing to take the written driving test or refreshing their knowledge. The idea for the series came from a student in her Valley Stream office. At the end of a tutoring session, "She told me she would like to take me home in her pocket to study," Ms. Fuchs says.

Lynn Fuchs Has Been The Subject
Of Many Newspapers And Magazine Articles And Received Much Recognition

Valley Stream Herald


Defensive Driving
It's all in the eyes
May 2, 1991

Defensive driving formulas as taught by Lynn Fuchs of Valley Stream are being incorporated into the New York State Safety Program by an evaluator who observed the lesson taught by Ms. Fuchs and was impressed by it. "I was supposed to be teaching a driver improvement class from some pre-printed materials that had been given to me," says the licensed driving instructor, "when I thought that the public needs to know my material."

She substituted her "Fuchs Formula", as she calls it, on wheel position and wheel rotation. "I was so nervous anyway, standing in front of all those new faces, I figured, what could I lose? "I was a hit! Not only did I have every ear in the classroom, but my evaluator said he was so intrigued that he is now going to incorporate it in all of his insurance and point reduction classes.

Lynn Fuchs's driving school, A Woman's Way®, has been in business in Valley Stream for ten years. She says she has been using the techniques since she started as a driving instructor 13 years ago. Her theories came about after she was the victim of a car accident in 1976 where someone ran through their red light. The accident, from which she has now completely recovered, left her with severe nerve damage and kept her bedridden and in the care of nurses. It was a difficult time for the young housewife and mother.

But it gave her plenty of time to think. Reliving the accident over and over, she determined that visual cues will indicate what the other driver is doing. "It's more than eye contact," she says. "Most of us look at the other driver's eyes." But by checking the wheel position and the wheel's rotation, she says, you can predict what the driver will do next. "When in doubt, always pad your brake and toot your horn to get their eye," she says, "but remember that eye contact is not enough. React by what their wheels are telling you."

Ms. Fuchs suggests that even bicyclists, walkers, and joggers can train themselves to watch wheel movements. "It's all in the eyes," she says.

A Woman's Way® Driving School

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